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Using Images To Drive Traffic To Your Website

When most of us set out to develop an SEO marketing strategy, we focus on embedding target keywords into the copy on our site and developing relevant back links using modern link building tactics. What we often overlook is how images on our sites can drive traffic as well by showing up in Google’s image…

google penalty

How to Recover from Google Link Penalty

Lately  a lot of businesses and organizations are contacting us asking us if we can help them to  to recover from Google link penalty. In most cases they either lost all their rankings or some, some situations they have even been banned from Google. Google has stepped up its web-spam efforts and is on rampage…



The line between promotion and advertising is often blurred, ignored, overstepped and sometimes negated altogether and it is easy to mistake one for the other without a clear understanding of each and their purposes in their respective niche industries.

content is king still

Content Is Still King

If you have taken a look around some of the bulletin boards over the last couple of years, you’ll probably have seen many plaintive cries for help. It seems that Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have hit the rankings of many sites, and they are looking for a “Panda expert” to get them back up…

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Is the New Role for SEO

The sad day has arrived for traditional SEOs who only thought SEO was about optimization tags and making links. These days businesses are local for “digital marketing” experts who have good fundamental understanding of all aspect of digital marketing. And the term digital marketing has been used so, instead of online marketing, because the role…

online coupons marketing strategy

How Online Coupons And Promo Codes Work For Business

When doing online marketing, business must be creative because the online commercial environment has allowed businesses to identify new ways of wooing potential customers and boosting their conversion rates. At the same time, many sectors have become vastly more competitive, making it more important than ever to capitalize on the leads your business generates. Online…

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Getting A Return On Promotional Wall Calendars

Client hospitality and promotional merchandising are an important part of doing business. Particularly for those in the service industries, the need to use business development and networking strategies to build opportunities is ever-present. Promotional wall calendars, mouse mats, mugs and hats are some of the most common items used to this end.  For those who…